Loyalty Program


Our loyalty program is the greatest thing coming to the carpet cleaning world. Similar to most loyalty programs it is based on a point system. Meaning if you spend $10 then you get a point. Each point is redeemable for $1 off of your future cleaning. So spend $200 now and receive 20 points. next time you only spend $180. BUT if you refer anyone to us you also can receive points from their services as well! Refer enough people and you could essentially get your carpets cleaned FOR FREE.


Free Carpet Protector!

We want to be your carpet care experts for life. That means two things: The first is we want to continually give you reasons to keep us around like great service and free stuff! Secondly, if we are going to be in charge of your floors we want to do it right! That means giving them the protection they deserve. Carpet protector can significantly increase the lifespan of your carpet so why not give it to you for free? It's the right thing to do.


Monthly Deals & Discounts

Each month we offer unique deals and discounts to go along with our services! They can range from 50% OFF of cleanings to giving a portion of proceeds to a charity, to double the loyalty points! 

Current: 10% OFF all Floor Cleaning, 20% OFF if you Add Upholstery.